WRATE Life Cycle Analysis

Waste and Resources Assessment Tool for the Environment

The Waste and Resources Assessment Tool for the Environment is a piece of modelling software designed in partnership with the Environment Agency. It is the recognised tool for Life Cycle Analysis and the environmental impact assessment of waste and is recommended for use by the Waste Strategy for England 2007, the Defra Practice Guidance for MSW Strategies and the European Commission Thematic Strategies for Life Cycle Approach.

Fellows Environmental consultants are fully trained Advanced WRATE users able to provide quantitative information on environmental impacts of waste management strategies.

Fellows have worked in the past on projects supporting all stages of PFI projects, planning applications, Strategic Environmental Assessments as well as private technology marketing.

We can develop simple WRATE models, using the processes contained in the software database, or full models, by creating User Defined Processes and fully bespoke models.

Our extensive technical and general knowledge of the waste management industry, gained from technical roles in the sector, means that we can offer assistance regarding the scope of a project as well as offering advice related to the model. In fact, understanding LCA modelling and the quantitative advantages and disadvantages associated with different managements of waste can help to inform strategy and project development as well as the other way around.

We work in a variety of roles other than being the sole model developer. We provide informal advice and offer our services to perform peer reviews for other companies who use the software. These companies have included large multi-disciplinary consultancies, technology companies and smaller, independent firms.

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