Waste Management

Waste Management

Fellows Environmental specialise in waste management and have over a decade of experience of the industry within our small team. We have gained technical expertise in disposal, recycling, recovery and end-of-waste activities as well as knowledge of the overall waste system so are able to offer well adjudged support to clients for projects that have any position in the waste hierarchy. This can involve site management, technical selections as well as general waste management strategy.

Fellows Environmental has knowledge of the changing regulations and National Policies for the Waste Industries of England, Scotland and Wales as well as experience of working with Local Authorities on the development of regional strategies. This means that we can help drive a project in the right direction, making it more likely to receive external support, either from Authorities or local communities.

Fellows also have a deep understanding of the fluctuating markets within the waste industry and the capital and operational costs of technology involved in waste management processes. With this knowledge of the financial issues of waste management, we can utilise our numerical modelling abilities to produce predictive models such as Waste Flow Models and Profit-Loss accounts for the feasibility of future projects. Please see the financial modelling and feasibility studies pages for further details.

The company Director sits on the North West Centre Council of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management, responsible for Membership and organising events and site visits for the New Members Network.  All other Fellows Environmental staff are members of the organisation also and as such the company has exposure to, and a thorough understanding of, all areas of the waste industry.

Waste Composition Analysis

The most important knowledge to have when managing waste, yet frequently not known with any great details, is the composition of the waste streams being managed.

Fellows Environmental can provide a waste stream composition analysis to give waste managers a clear understanding of the waste they deal with and can give advice according to the findings of the investigation if requested. This service involves taking samples of all the separate waste streams brought onto site and sorting them all into key materials, as decided between FE and the client.

Once the physical process of sorting the waste samples and recording the results is completed, a small model is created in MS Excel where each waste stream can be scaled up to a weekly, monthly, annual or multi-annual total based on known or predicted numbers of loads or tonnages. When all waste streams are scaled-up, the model gives a total incoming waste for the waste management site.

Waste Flow Modelling

Fellows Environmental can develop the findings of compositional analysis, or existing data, into a Waste Flow Model which can be used to show contamination rates, technology capture rates, and the general progression of waste materials through a waste management site.

This model can be developed into a bespoke tool for the client, incorporating financial aspects, such as gate fees and recyclate prices, or more complicated management practices, such as energy from waste processes. A bespoke Fellows Environmental financial model can be used as a basis for management decisions to be made to provide more efficient services for the client in terms of finances and meeting waste management targets. Please see the Financial Modelling and Feasibility Studies pages for further details.