Waste Flow Modelling

Many different factors can be used to help develop your preferred strategy. Understanding your waste and mass balance is the primary consideration for hitting targets. Fellows Environmental will guide you though the process with their experience in building simple and complex waste flow models for PFI, commercial developments and waste management strategies.

Models are set up in a completely transparent manner enabling the user to track information through the model and amend as they choose.

The goal is to bring a complex model to the fingertips of the client by designing a bespoke control panel to drive the whole model. This allows the user to very simply change their key performance indicators or key figures, or to find which are the most sensitive figures to change in the markets, and therefore where the risk lies.

This can also be linked with Life Cycle Modelling and Financial Modelling to allow the user to see how much a solution would cost, for instance, per tonne of carbon outputted or saved against a baseline.