SAICA Paper UK originates from a 70 year old, family-run firm with paper mills across Spain and France which recently expanded to the UK to start up their first British mill, in Partington, Manchester. They enquired about Fellows Environmental providing full-time, on-site support during the commissioning stage of this £300million mill which aims to process 480,000tpa waste paper and produce a 100% recycled product for the cardboard industry.

Fellows’ main roles were to coordinate the environmental permit by identifying any legal requirements the company had with regards to topics such as health and safety and emissions and to set up an environmental management system. On-site waste management, which was being run by a project partner of SAICA, had to be defined with potential outlets for wastes and by-products being identified. An emissions monitoring and reporting system was organised and the Environment Agency had to be liaised with to keep them up to date with the advances on site.

Later, with the paper machine up-and-running and the site fully operational, Fellows returned to deliver a series of courses focussed on environmental awareness, waste management and legal compliance to the operational workers and management.