Project Management

Project Management

An integral part of Fellows Environmental services is project management and we are able to provide a diverse range of services to our clients.

We like to get involved with a project at the very beginning and offer support throughout the entire project life cycle. One of Fellows Environmental’s principal services is to help develop a project brief along with more detailed project master-planning during the early stages of a project using our technical and financial expertise of the waste and energy industries. A successful period of master-planning and concept analysis provides a project with a clear direction and eases the progression of the project by identifying appropriate management processes and the needs of the client in terms of quality, timescales and cost. We often undertake an in-depth options appraisal process during this stage. Please see the Feasibility Studies page for more details.

We have experience in guiding clients through the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) process within both the public and private sectors, and have been involved at all stages of tenders including Invitation to Submit Outline Solutions (ISOS), Invitation to Submit Detailed Solutions (ISDS) and competitive dialogue.

Our projects have covered a wide range of operations including waste disposal, materials recycling, energy-from-waste and end-of-waste as well as providing technical and specific component design services. We have worked with applicants and Local Authorities during tender applications so have a good understanding of the processes involved.

Using our experience and ties in the industry, we can also help select a consultancy team and introduce the client to high quality professionals if there are aspects of the work that we believe would be better provided by others.