Port Millom

Fellows were brought into the project when Port Millom were told they required a Tier 3 Bespoke Permit under the new Environmental Permitting system for the construction of a screening bund following the redundancy of Paragraph 19 Exemptions. The company had previously re-instated Millom Pier following erosional damage from the Duddon Estuary after it had been used for many years as a ship-breaking facility.

We offered consultancy support sharing our knowledge of the permitting regulations and other potential courses of action taking into account pre-commencement conditions mentioned in the site’s planning permission, the proximity of the site to an SSSI and the potential for the site to be a perfect location for temporary storage during the construction of off-shore wind farms in the Irish Sea. Initially we registered the site for a U1 Exemption to cover the company’s immediate works before preparing a Waste Recovery Plan to prove that the site’s operations did not classify as a waste operation. A desk-based risk assessment was also produced and the permitting requirements were then reduced to a Tier-2 Permit, vastly reducing the required cost and time so that the project could advance sooner.