Where Fellows Environmental does not have the capability to provide the works for an entire project, or where we believe a close partner of ours can provide a better service than ourselves for a particular requirement, we often work within a team of other high quality, small-scale consultancies. Close relationships have formed with a handful of companies that we have worked, and have been impressed with, in the past. This has led to an extension of high quality services and expertise that we can provide to clients.

The close relationships which have formed between the companies ensure that the project partners’ skills are essentially “in-house”. This guarantees a seamless overlap with Fellows’ own work and eradicates any potential risk of disruptions to the service provided to clients that may occur when having to outsource elements of a project.

Additionally, if Fellows Environmental receives an enquiry that we know we are not best suited to provide, we will strive to find a company that we trust to provide the service to the enquiring client from our knowledge of a vast array of consultancy and service providers in the industry.