Parsons Brinkerhoff

Fellows were asked to provide Parsons Brinkerhoff with support for the Waste and Resource Assessment Tool for the Environment (WRATE) submission for the final round of the tender process for the £800m Essex Residual Waste Treatment Contract.

A briefing paper was produced to investigate potential processes which could be included in the waste management strategy to improve the overall environmental performance of the scheme and give the submission the best possible chance of success in the tender process. Alternative transport vehicles were considered along with different fuel uses and recycling capture rates. The chemical aspects of various processes within the strategy were examined along with the possibility of utilising photovoltaic cells to provide renewable energy to the site.

Following the investigative works, Fellows Environmental undertook the WRATE Life Cycle Analysis and the submission was part of a successful tender application as Parsons Brinkerhoff’s client was awarded the Essex Waste Contract early in January 2012.