Other Modelling

Waste Flow Modelling

Gaining an understanding of the waste and mass balances of waste management approaches is an important step for developing a final strategy which hits the targets enforced on waste management practices by Government or other authorities. Fellows Environmental can use their skills in Microsoft Excel programming to develop simple-to-use waste flow models which present the client with clear and concise results for various strategies under consideration.

These models can manipulate vast amounts of monitored and projected data from different sources into an understandable database capable of outputting simple, quantitative results.

Our goal is to bring a complex model to the fingertips of the client by designing a bespoke control panel to drive the whole database. The transparency of our models allows the user to very simply control the changeable performance indicators (for example, capture rates) and receive simple outputs in numerical or graphical form as required.

These models also permit the client to discover the most sensitive performance indicators which allows a more educated risk management strategy to be put in place.

They can also be linked with LCAs and Financial Models to allow the user to see how much a solution would cost, for instance, per tonne of carbon outputted or saved against a baseline.

Previously, Fellows have built models for PFI contracts, commercial developments and waste management strategies.

Financial Modelling

Financial assessment and modelling allows the client to understand the financial implications of future decisions and the financial risk. Fellows Environmental provides a fully transparent and flexible tool to allow the user to consider many implications in the market or policy. This includes the fundamental consideration of future subsidies and market drivers for green energy, recycling and landfill diversion, and where the industry will be in 10, 15 or 25 years.

Financial modelling can be linked to the Waste Flow Model to predict, for instance, the cost of each tonne of carbon saved under different collection, treatment or disposal options.

Bespoke Excel Tools

Fellows Environmental offer the option of creating a fully bespoke Excel model to perform calculations or functions which the client has a need for. The employees of Fellows Environmental are proficient with Microsoft Excel and are able to organise large amounts of data into a systematic structure and use complicated functions and nested statements to output usable content. We also have some experience in Visual Basic to create Macros which enable an increased automation of a dynamic model.