Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling

Fellows Environmental has experience undertaking in-depth investigations into the technical and practical operations of a clients’ company in order to gain a clear understanding of the drivers behind the financial performance of the company.

These due-diligence studies incorporate all aspects of the client’s operations and are developed into an easy-to-understand profit/loss account which enables key aspects to be identified which lead to profitability or, more importantly, cost for the company.

Simple financial transactions are included in the business analysis alongside more complicated, technical aspects such as energy-balances and waste flow models where Fellows’ expertise in technical operations and modelling is used to feed the profit/loss account with an accurate representation of the physical operations that sit alongside and drive the company’s financial transactions.

Often, these studies uncover unexpected findings which would otherwise not be discovered and would continue to occur to the potential detriment of the company.

The business analysis can be undertaken as an independent piece of work or as the first stage of a larger investigation.  Frequently, the end-result of the analysis will provide a much clearer understanding of the transactions and help the company identify a necessary change in direction to minimise the newly discovered costs. Alternatively, gaining a model that has a thorough understanding of the company’s operations allows follow-up Options Appraisal work for the development of short- to long-term strategy changes.