EU to Unveil Higher Recycling Targets

Janez, Potocnik, outgoing Commissioner for the Environment, has confirmed that the European Commission will outline proposals for the revision of recycling and landfill diversion targets within the next two months. It is thought that Member states will be expected to recycle at least 60% by the next decade rising to as much as 75% by 2030.

Potocnik is keen to lay the foundations for a more ambitious EU policy before a new Commission is appointed in October 2014. The new targets will form part of a comprehensive approach towards a circular economy within the EU where materials are pumped back into productive use rather than buried in landfill sites so that more value is added to each tonne of material.

Additionally, the landfill diversion targets for biodegradable wastes are set to increase along with restrictions being put in place to limit the landfilling and incineration of plastic materials.

Currently, Member states are required to recycle 50% or more of household waste by 2020.

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