Energy Management

Energy Management

Fellows Environmental has a great deal of experience in the renewable energy sector, specifically related to the technical aspects of a project. We have worked on projects including renewable energy generation, energy-from-waste, energy-minimisation and renewable heat production, transportation and use.

Fellows Environmental also understand the financial side of energy generation & sales and can support the client with knowledge of the ROCs, RHIs and FiTs systems amongst other financial considerations of a project.

We have worked for energy suppliers to develop new tariff pricing systems for customers, predicting the recent Government stipulations to simplify the options for customers, and we also understand the changing landscape of European and National commitments to renewable energy generation.

Energy Balances

Our understanding of the technical aspects of energy generation can be combined with our numerical modelling abilities to develop predictive Energy-Balances containing fuel sources, generating processes, transportation, transformation, process inefficiencies and customer demand to represent future projects and potential scenarios.

When combined with our political and financial knowledge, we can support the early stages of a project by combining our Energy Balances with financial models to undertake feasibility studies. Please see the Financial Modelling and Feasibility Studies pages for further details.