Ellel Crag Quarry

Fellows Environmental were contacted when Ellel Quarry received notice of prosecution from the Environment Agency following multiple breaches of discharge limits to act as a waste management expert with knowledge of site operations and the governing regulatory processes.


Fellows opened up dialogue with the Environment Agency as a means of conflict resolution and began to create site development proposals to improve Ellel Quarry’s environmental reputation within the regulatory organisation. The developed scheme included material washing & screening, inerts settling pools, renewable energy production and a small hazardous landfill. Talks were held with the Local Planning Authority and geotechnical engineering services were provided to aid the design of certain aspects of the site such as the containment bunds for the soil drying area.

All the while, legal representation was organised for Ellel Quarry which ended with a successful court case where the sentencing for the discharge breaches was reduced to a negligible fine.