Additional In-House Skills

Additional In-House Capabilities

Investigative Groundworks

Fellows Environmental can arrange and report the findings of intrusive and non-intrusive investigative groundworks. This can include: desk-based preliminary studies to gain a profile of the site under investigation, geo-physical testing, trial-pit logging, window sampling, Shear Vane testing, Schmidt Hammer testing, Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) scanning and can include laboratory testing and drainage analysis.

Planning Applications

Fellows Environmental can offer support preparing and review planning applications for infrastructure projects and waste management developments such as landfills, recycling centres and Waste-to-Energy facilities. Our support can include: completing supporting statements & design and access statements, undertaking community and stakeholder engagement exercises, policy analysis, feasibility studies and due-diligence work, and, negotiation and post-submission works.

Where Fellows Envionmental believe it would be better for the project to include Planning specialists, we are happy to introduce the client to one of our project partners.

Environmental Permitting

Fellows Environmental can provide input into applications for environmental permits as a standalone job or as part of larger projects. Fellows have undertaken permitting works for a number of clients in the waste management sector, with specific experience dealing with energy-from-waste and end-of-waste projects.

We have an understanding of the sometimes unclear permitting system and the various exemptions, standard rules and bespoke permits available for application. We can ensure that the client applies for the correct type of permit as well as an appropriate level of permit to avoid spending excess money and time preparing the applications.

Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Managfement Systems help to: cut costs, ensure compliance with legislation, manage health and safety issues and improve environmental and marketing performance for the company.

Fellows understand the first step to a successful EMS is to look inwardly at the business to identify the areas where performance is strong or weak so that the EMS has a focus of environmental or health and safety issues. A baseline needs to be set for where the company is now and where/when it wants to be.

Through communication and education, Fellows can help to spread an understanding, interest and enthusiasm for the EMS throughout the company, from the owners, to the management team, to the factory and office workers.  Without the interest of the full team, an EMS will lack focus and effectiveness. Please see the Training page for further details of courses and presentations

Bespoke Modelling Work

Fellows Environmental offer the option of creating a fully bespoke Excel model to perform calculations or functions which the client has a need for. The employees of Fellows Environmental are proficient with Microsoft Excel and are able to organise large amounts of data into a systematic structure and use complicated functions and nested statements to output usable content. We also have some experience in Visual Basic to create Macros which enable an increased dynamism of an automated model.