Circular Economy

The term “Circular Economy” has been seen in the media a lot more than usual lately. This is partially down to the ESA publishing their guidance document, Going for Growth, detailing 10 steps for the Waste and Resources industry to take in order for it to deliver a circular economy, highlighting the importance of product and packaging design and advising that recycling should take place at multi- or single-stream Material Recycling Facilities.

It has been stated that the implementation of a circular economy could be worth £10 billion in investment to the country whilst 50,000 new jobs may arise as a result.

The benefits are certainly being pursued with brand leaders converging on London for the first Circular Economy 100 Summit (19 June). The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is leading the summit, with members of the Circular Economy 100, a global alliance set up in February 2013, in attendance. The summit hopes to build on the work already undertaken by the CE100 members, who have triggered circular initiatives targeting £1bn in resource savings and new revenues.

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